No travel club would be complete without offering a selection of tours for its members and guests. With over 30 years of experience, The Magellan Travel Club has adapted the most popular features travelers prefer to create a series of pesonally designed Customized Tours. Our Signatours cater to the individual desires of affinity groups that wish to visit a specific destination with a personalized itinerary. Currently we offer three Signatour itineraries which can be easily modified to suit the specific desires of any group. Groups must be a minimum of 12 travelers and include: The Amalfi Coast & Rome, Chateau de Canisy, Normandy & Paris, Switzerland by Train.

In addition to the customized Signatours, The Magellan Travel Club organizes and offers group tours. Currently, two tours are being offered.

Follow the links below to discover the Amalfi Coast or Iceland.