by Bob Taylor

Years ago, when I first began to travel, I heard some fellow travelers talking about something called The Century Club. At first I thought it was just an idea some writer had dreamed up as a way to counting how many countries he had visited. Several decades later I learned that there is such a group based in California known as The Traveler's Century Club.

After a little research, I discovered that the rules for membership in this unique group of people are extremely loose and do not really establish what I consider a valid "visit" to a country. For example, if your plane lands in a country and you simply step on the ground, that is counted as a visit by many travelers. To my mind, that rule defeats the purpose of travel and the interactive learning process of absorbing another culture by getting to know its people.

It was then that I decided to establish a set of personal guidelines as well as a specific list of countries that qualify to be included. The research was extensive and is on-going due to a number of variables. It was then that I decided to put it all down in a book which I call The Century Club.

The book was written for anyone and everyone who shares a passion for travel. It is the story of my personal quest to visit 100 countries or more during my lifetime and to tell the stories about the people and places I have encountered along the way. It is more than just a book about destinations. It is about understanding other cultures and getting in touch with our own identity at the same time. It is about growth and personal knowledge. It is about an unquenchable thirst to see as much of the planet as possible in order to have greater comprehension about the role we as humans play during are all too brief time on earth.

Now as my life draws to a close I have become passionate about joining that select group of travelers I like to call "Centurions." The ultimate goal is to write about where I went, what I saw and learned and how I accomplished the task. I now realize that in order to be certain I have achieved my goal, I must travel to several more countries than 100 in order to eliminate a few that may be disputed.

If you have personally accomplished this milestone, please write to us and give us your name(s) and the number of countries you have visited so that we can honor your achievement in our Century Club Hall of Fame.

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