The Magellan Travel Club was founded by Bob Taylor in 2008

Also known by those close to him, Bob 'Peabod' Taylor is passionate about travel. For more than three decades, the ex-professional baseball player, sportscaster and former U.S. Marine, has been quenching his wanderlust thirst by traveling the world in search of interesting people, places and life altering experiences. Peabod has taught World Destinations at the largest community college in the country, written travel articles for The Boston Herald, Detroit Free Press and New York Post among other national newspapers. Currently he writes a monthly travel column for The Charlotte Observer and a weekly travel column for Communities Digital News. During more than 30 years of travel, Peabod has visited over 70 countries and is pursuing a personal goal to visit 100 or more countries during his lifetime. You can read about Peabod’s quest in his book, The Century Club, which details his dream, the parameters of the challenge and relates heartwarming and humorous stories he has encountered en route to his travel milestone.